Exercise Therapy


One-on-one 30 minute sessions without our kinesiologist and personal trainer who will guide you through your recommended mobility and/or resistance exercises based on the results from your initial assessment or athlete screening with our manual osteopathic therapist.

These sessions can also be used to have your resistance training exercises (ex. bench, squat, deadlift etc.) assessed and tweaked. It will also include some priming or mobility exercises you can incorporate based on your goals and needs so that you can move in a larger range of motion, have the ability to fire those muscle fibres and build more strength and muscle mass!

You will be progressed as deemed appropriate by our kinesiologist and osteopathic therapist so that you can achieve your health, fitness and performance goals without pain to help reduce the risk of (re)injury.

Resistance Exercise Band
Gym Equipments

Let's Work Together

Book in today for your initial assessment or athlete movement screening to get started with exercise therapy!