Emma Barbato


BSc. Biological Psychology

Master's Instructional Sys

NASM Personal Trainer

NASM Nutrition Specialist

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Emma’s interest in health and fitness started as a personal hobby & quickly

developed into her biggest passion.


Emma began her fitness journey by subscribing to the “eat less, move more” theory. She eventually stopped seeing results and was left with a slow metabolism and a host of gut- and thyroid-related issues. After becoming educated on the importance of

balanced nutrition and sustainable fitness habits, Emma began to see incredible results.


Emma now strives to empower others to take charge of their fitness through sustainable, health-focused nutrition and exercise interventions. Emma takes a holistic approach to health and places a strong emphasis on biofeedback markers including gut health, energy levels, and hormonal function.


Emma has an undergraduate degree in Biological Psychology and a Master’s in Instructional Systems. She is a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer who loves keeping up with contemporary health research.

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