Trish Wiebe

Trish Wiebe

Trish Wiebe has spent the majority of her 20+ years as a registered massage therapist working alongside and learning from chiropractors and fellow massage therapists.


She enjoys and has participated in many different sports as an athlete and massage therapist, including hockey, martial arts, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball.

Trish has a passion for helping people to reduce their pain and get back to activities they enjoy, and her love of learning new techniques helps her accomplish this. She believes that getting one's body balanced and strong is key to overcoming pain.

RAPID Neurofascial Reset is a manual therapy technique for treatment of chronic and acute pain, and treatment of limited mobility. RAPID therapists provide sensory input to connective tissues with manual therapy techniques along with active guided movements from the client, with a treatment goal of resolving pain, improving range of motion, reducing inflammation, and increasing proprioception.

IASTM or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, is the use of a tool or instrument for the treatment of pain or discomfort. IASTM is performed on specific fascia, tendons, muscle, or ligaments, with the goal being improved tissue pliability, increased local blood flow and range of motion, and tissue release.

NKT or NeuroKinetic Therapy, is the use of specific manual muscle testing to determine compensation patterns in the body that have resulted from injuries, holding patterns, and less-than-optimal postures. Once the compensating soft tissue structures are determined and treated, specific rehab exercises are given to complete the reprogramming of the optimal functional pattern.