Kim Ford

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NASM Personal Trainer

PN L1 Nutrition

NCI Hormone Specialist

Menopause for Athletes sp.

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While fitness has always played a part in Kim's life, it wasn't until menopause was heading her way like a mighty fright train that she needed to get real serious about her health and nutrition. This hormonal shift hit her hard and so began the research on how to stay on top of the things that were sure to come. Except, at that time, there was little to be found on the matter.

This led to the desire to help other women by becoming a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, hormone and gut health specialist and many other courses of study specific to menopause. “I consider myself a late bloomer, professionally. Sometimes it takes time to discover your real passion".

With 3 years of experience as an online health and fitness coach specifically working with women 40+ KIm, has built many long lasting friendships with her clients and is always just a message away when they are in need of support!

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