Kacey Marcinkiw

Meet Kacey, Vitality's certified Athletic therapist! 

Kacey's passion for health and fitness stems from playing youth sports and incurring injuries along the way. Kacey achieved a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and an advanced certificate in Athletic Therapy to help others in similar situations as him. Kacey aims to help people prevent injuries, understand the injury process, and rehabilitate injuries in order to return to optimal performance. 

Kacey has worked with people from all walks of life, but has a specific focus on athletes and former athletes, from youth to professional levels. He also enjoys working with the general population. 

Kacey's practice revolves around manual therapy and movement. 

Kacey is currently pursuing his CSCS to facilitate his Athletic Therapy knowledge. He also aspires to begin his Osteopathy diploma to strengthen and solidify his Athletic Therapy clinical practice.